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Below are a series of articles generously submitted by Trevor Sproston of Great Britain. Mr. Sproston is a collector of antique books about hobbies. He scanned numerous articles about model airplanes and building techniques from 1920 to 1936. We present them here for your enjoyment. Click on a title to read the article or print it for later. You are invited to contact Mr. Sproston with your comments or inquiries. Articles may not be reproduced for sale.

Nostalgia  Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1936.
Take Care of the Plane
London to New York in Three Hours!
First Aid for Your Model Plane
Is Your Plane a Record Breaker

Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1934
Amazing Model Planes

Looking After Your Model Plane
Designing a Model Plane

Nostalgia Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1933
Tuning Up Model Plane Motors
Parachutes for Model Planes
A Speedy Paper Model Plane
Designing Model Aeroplanes

Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1932.
How an Aeroplane Works

A Long-Flight Model Sailplane

Nostalgia Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1931
ARTICLE: A Long-Flight Model Plane

Nostalgia  Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1930.
ARTICLE: Twin-Screw Racing Monoplane

Nostalgia Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1929.
ARTICLE: How to Make a Long-Distance Model Monoplane

Nostalgia  Wonder Book of Aircraft
ARTICLE: A Simple Single-Screw Monoplane

Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1928
ARTICLE: How to Make and Fly Simple Model Aeroplanes

Nostalgia Every Boy's Hobby Annual, 1927.
ARTICLE: Model Aeroplanes

Nostalgia  Warne's Pleasure Book for Boys
ARTICLE: How Balloons and Airships Fly

Everyday Science Annual, January 1921
ARTICLE: Model Flying Machines
- describes how to build your own wheels followed by a letter sharing some general model airplane building tips.

Everyday Science Annual, February 1921
ARTICLE: A Long Distance Biplane

Everyday Science Annual, April 1921
ARTICLE: Balsa Wood -
notes about materials used to build model airplanes including a revolutionary new material called balsa wood.

Everyday Science Annual, June 1921
ARTICLE: Model Airplanes
- building your model using balsa wood.

Everyday Science Annual, July 1921
ARTICLE: Combined Tractor and Canard

Everyday Science Annual, September 1921
ARTICLE: Covering and Proofing Your Model

Nostalgia   Nostalgia Every Boy's Hobby Annual published in the 1920s
Model Seaplane
Model Hydroplane or Water Skimmer

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We invite you to submit your old time article, plan, or photo. Please keep in mind that only out-of-copyright or non-copyrighted relevant information will be posted.

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