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Free Flight Gas Powered Airplane Kits

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kit FFP-01 Original Model Craft Hornet


48" wingspan
kit #FFP01, price: $56.95
kit FFP-02 Original Model Craft Wasp


60" wingspan
kit #FFP02, price: $65.95
kit FFP-03 Original Model Craft Commando


50" wingspan
kit #FFP03, price: $55.95
kit FFP-04 Model Craft 1/2A Wasp

Half A Wasp

45" wingspan
kit #FFP04, price: $54.95
Building Set

Building Set

Includes a soft grip knife, 5 blades, straight point tweezers, 5.5" x 9" Self Healing Cutting Mat, Jet Instant glue, Jet Super glue, Jet Tips, Sobo canopy glue, MagnaBoard XL™ set, and Minus Magnets 20 pack. Save 20% off individually priced items.

Price: $64.95
Advanced Tool Set

Advanced Tool Set

Includes Sanding Stick with 120, 240, 320, 400, and 600 grit belts, Pull Saw Blade, K5 Heavy Duty Knife with beveled blade, Narrow Keyhole Saw Blades 5 pack, Curved Tip Tweezers, 1/16" Ball Tip Burnisher, Jewelers Needle Point Awl, Steel Ruler 6" x 1" with drill gauge, 15 piece drill set (1.05mm - 2mm). Save 15% off individually priced items.

Price: $43.08


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