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Anatomy of a Plane
A great diagram showing the parts of a typical monoplane.

Beginners: What's a good kit for a beginner?
A must read if you are new to balsa model building, here is Dave's list of 15 kits that are quickly built and easily flown.

Canopies: Forming and Installing Windshields and Canopies

General Model Building Tips
Short tips that don't require a whole page unto themselves alone. Lots and lots of building tips for beginners.

Glue Tutorial
Information on what glue to use whilst model building.

Jet: A catapult designed for launching jet models

Jimmie Allen: A Story About Jimmy Allen Models

Lights: Creating Realistic Navigation Lights

MagnaBoard™ Review

Moses Magnets: Dave's Notes on How to Pick and Install Moses Magnets

Motors: Making a Rubber Motor

Nose Block: Making a Removable Nose Block and Motor Peg

Recipes: Easy Built Cooking Recipes
Food to fuel the model enthusiast.

Rubber Powered Models: Adjustment of rubber powered models
This article is from the 1952 Air Trails magazine. We suggest you print yourself a hard copy of this outstanding article and illustrations so you can refer to it whenever you are trimming out your plane.

Tissue: Techniques and Tips for Covering Models
Tissue: Chalking Tissue Tutorial
For builder's who would prefer to color their own tissue.

Tissue: Applying Tissue for a Seamless Finish
Tom Hallman reveals his secret to a perfect tissue covering.

Tissue: Determining Grain in Tissue

TissueCal Application Instructions
Click here for a complete list of TissueCal™ markings.

Tissue: Applying Easy Built Lite Silver Tissue

Wheels: Making Scale Spoked Wheels for Display Models
How-to make your own spoked wheels.

Building Notes for Specific Kits:

Kit D07: Construction Notes for Kit D07 Hampden Bomber

Kit D08: Construction Notes for Kit D08 Bristol Beaufighter
Extensive notes and photos to guide you through the building process for this beautiful but deadly long-range fighter.

Kit D09: Construction Notes for Kit D09 Silver Dart
Brief write-up and photos to help you build your Silver Dart.

Kit D10LC: Construction Notes for the Wright Flyer I

Kit D10: more construction notes for the Wright Flyer I

Kit D12: Construction Notes for Kit D12 Etrich Taube
For builder's needing extra help building and detailing their Taube model, very specific instructions can be found here.

Kit ERC01: Construction Notes for Kit ERC01 Beaver Using Glow Power

Kit ERC01: Construction Notes for Kit ERC01 Beaver Using Electric Power

Kit ERC19: Construction Notes for Kit ERC19 WACO

Kit FF01: Variations in Construction for Kit FF01 Ritz

Kit FF01: more variations for the Ritz

Kit FF06: Electric R/C Conversion for kit FF06 Fairchild PT-19

Kit FF07: Construction Notes for Kit FF07 Spitfire Mk 1 built as a display model.

Kit FF11: Electric R/C Conversion for kit FF11 Miss Canada Senior

Kit FF11: Electric R/C Conversion for kit FF11 Miss Canada Senior, article 2

Kit FF11: Making a DT for your Miss Canada Senior

Kit FF18: Construction Notes for Kit FF18 Ryan Sport Trainer

Kit FF28: Construction Notes for Kit FF28 Messerschmitt Bf 109

Kit FF47: Construction Notes for Kit FF47 Howard DGA-9
Need inspiration and more how-to details? Read the construction notes of Malcolm Campbell. He built his model for display, not flying, so keep that in mind when deciding how much detail to put into your plane.

Kit FF54: Electric R/C Conversion for kit FF54 Fairchild Ranger
Step-by-step photos tell the story of this conversion.

Electric R/C Conversion for kit FF56 Curtiss Tomahawk P-40
Lots of photos tell the story of the building of this beautifully constructed electric version of the P40.

Kit FF57: Construction Notes for Kit FF57 Hawker Hurricane built as a display model.

Kit FF57: Construction Photos for a modified version of Kit FF57 Hawker Hurricane

Kit FF58: Electric R/C Conversion for kit FF58 Westland Lysander
Lots and lots of photos will guide you through the process.

Kit FF59: Gasoline Conversion of Kit FF59 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5 to O.S. .20 Four-Stroke Engine
A very successful and frequently converted jumbo size aircraft.

Kit FFP02: Construction Notes for Model Craft Wasp

Kit FFP03: Construction Notes for Kit FFP03 Model Craft Commando
A ship load of photos accompanied by pithy commentary will guide you through the construction of this high flying aircraft.

Kit JX02: Rubber Powered Conversion of Kit JX02 MiG 15.
If you want to convert your jet to rubber powered flight, read Matthew Payne's detailed notes and diagrams of his very successful conversion. Flies great!

Other Internet Resources:
Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) find out what model clubs are near your home where you can learn to build and fly. Some of the nicest people you're ever gonna meet. Join today! http://www.modelaircraft.org/
The Flying Aces Club publishes a monthly newsletter that is read by free flight rubber power enthusiasts around the world. They are also a great bunch of guys to go flying with. So if you live in or are visiting the Erie, Pennsylvania area you are invited to join them. To subscribe to their newsletter just email Rich Weber, newletter editor, to request subscription information.

Mike's Flying Scale Model Pages Never built a balsa airplane? Need a refresher in model building? Then learn from one of the best, Mike Stuart in Britain. Step-by-step instructions and dozens of photos about how to build a scale model airplane.

Pensacola Free Flight Team Even if you don't live in the Pensacola, FL area, hence missing the experience of flying with these guys, we suggest you join for their outstanding newsletter. Check out the Articles Index of past newsletters on their web site.

Free Flight Cook-Up Group and the Dime Scale Group run by John Ernst. It's a great way to network with other model builders and get building and flying help when needed. Got a building question we couldn't answer? Join these groups and post your questions.

We invite you to submit a tip or tutorial to our web site. Please keep in mind that only relevant information will be posted. Please do not change the subject heading for the email. This will help us rescue your email if it ends up in our spam folder.

Balsa flies better.

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