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TissueCal™ Markings and LaserCal™ Markings - below are all currently available markings for our kits. TissueCal™ markings are printed directly on Easy Built Lite tissue and must be cut out by the builder. LaserCal™ markings are precut from Easy Built Lite tissue using our laser. Contact us if you don't see what you need. We are adding more as requested.
How to apply TissueCal™ markings.

Flying Aces Logo Flying Aces
Flying Aces logo. 3 different sizes, 4 each. A total of 12 logos printed on Easy Built Lite white tissue. Flying Aces TissueCal™markings. 8.5" x 11" sheet
Price: $ 7.95/set
Jimmie Allen Mix CA-03LC Jimmy Allen Special
Includes 4 different pairs of Jimmie Allen markings printed on white Easy Built Lite tissue.
TissueCal™markings. $7.85/set
Kit D-01 deHavilland Mosquito Bomber D-01 de Havilland Mosquito Bomber
TissueCal™markings. $3.46/set
Kit D-02 Lockheed Hudson Bomber D-02 Lockheed Hudson Bomber
TissueCal™markings. $3.46/set
Kit D-03 Avro Lancaster Bomber D-03 Avro Lancaster Bomber
TissueCal™markings. $4.50/set
Kit D-04 Mitchell Bomber British Markings D-04 North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber
British TissueCal™ markings. $10.00/set.
Kit D-04 Mitchell Bomber USA Markings D-04 North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber
USA TissueCal™ markings. $10.00/set.
Kit D-06 Westland Whirlwind D-06 Westland Whirlwind
TissueCal™markings. $4.46/set
Kit D-07 Handley-Page Hampden Bomber D-07 Handley-Page Hampden Bomber
TissueCal™markings. $3.46/set
Kit D08 Bristol Beaufighter
D-08 Bristol Beaufighter
TissueCal™markings. $3.46/set
LaserCal Markings for kit D12LC Etrich Taube
D-12LC Etrich Taube
LaserCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit EB01 Spitfire Mk 1
EB-01Spitfire Mk 1
TissueCal™markings. $3.46/set
Kit EB02 Hawker Hurricane
EB-02 Hawker Hurricane
TissueCal™markings. $4.85/set
TissueCal™markings. $3.46/set
Kit EB05 Mitsubishi Zero EB-05 Mitsubishi Zero
LaserCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit EB06 Messerschmitt Bf 109
EB-06 Messerschmitt Bf 109
TissueCal™markings. $3.46/set
Kit EB-09 Grumman Wildcat EB-09 Grumman Wildcat
TissueCal™markings. $3.46/set
Kit EB-10 Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk EB-10 Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk
TissueCal™markings. $4.50/set
Kit EB13 Fokker D. VII EB-13 Fokker D. VII
TissueCal™markings. $4.50/set
TissueCal™markings. $4.46/set
Kit EB-15 Spirit of Saint Louis EB-15 Spirit of Saint Louis
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
TissueCal markings for Kit FF03 Bell P-39 Airacobra FF-03 Bell P-39 Airacobra
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit FF-06 Fairchild PT-19 FF-06 Fairchild PT-19
TissueCal™ markings, 8 1/2" x 14" sheet. $7.50/set
FF-07 Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1
TissueCal™ markings. $5.85/set
Jimmie Allen Mix FF-12LC Jimmie Allen Skokie BA Cabin. Includes 4 different pairs of Jimmie Allen markings printed on white Easy Built Lite white tissue.
TissueCal™markings. $7.85/set
kit FF18 Ryan Sport Trainer FF-18 Ryan Sport Trainer
TissueCal™markings. $5.65/set
Kit FF19 Hawker Hurricane FF-19 Hawker Hurricane
TissueCal™ markings. $4.85/set
FF21LC LaserCal/TissueCal markings
FF-21LC Aeronca 1939 Chief

TissueCal™ and LaserCal™ markings. A full set of markings for this kit consisting of registration markings precut on white tissue with our laser and a small TissueCal™ printed on red tissue with the Aeronca logo and registration number for the tail.
Price: $4.95/set
TissueCal markings for kit FF23 Stinson Reliant FF-23 Stinson Reliant
TissueCal™markings $3.46/set
TissueCal markings for kit FF25 FF-25 Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
Kit FF27 Bell P-39 Airacobra FF-27 Bell P-39 Airacobra
TissueCal™ markings. $4.85/set
Kit FF29 Heinkel He 112 FF-29 Heinkel He 112
TissueCal™ markings. $3.46/set
Kit FF33 Fairey Fox FF-33 Fairey Fox
TissueCal™ markings. $6.50/set
TissueCal for kit FF55 Spitfire Mk 1A
FF-55 Spitfire Mk 1A
TissueCal™ markings. Set of two 8 1/2" x 11" sheets. $7.50/set
TissueCal for kit FF58 Westland Lysander
FF-58 Westland Lysander
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
  FF-59 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5
TissueCal™ markings. $ 14.95/set
Kit FF61 Tiger Moth FF-61 Tiger Moth
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit FF66 North American P-51B Mustang FF-66 North American P-51B Mustang
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit FF68 Jimmie Allen MC B-A Parasol FF-68 Jimmie Allen MC B-A Parasol
Includes 4 different pairs of Jimmie Allen markings printed on white Easy Built Lite tissue.
TissueCal™ markings. $7.85/set
Kit FF69 Grumman Avenger FF-69 Grumman Avenger
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
FF-70 Vought Corsair
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
FF-71 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Razor
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
Kit F72 Curtiss Helldiver FF-72 Curtiss Helldiver
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
Kit FF73 Grumman Hellcat FF-73 Grumman Hellcat
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
FF-75 Stuka Dive Bomber FF-75 Stuka Dive Bomber
TissueCal™ markings. $3.95/set
FF-77 Harvard Trainer FF-77 Harvard Trainer
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
FF-78 Westland Lysander FF-78 Westland Lysander
TissueCal™ markings. $5.45/set
Kit FF-79 Hawker Hurricane FF-79 Hawker Hurricane
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit FF88LC Blue Flash Racer FF-88LC Blue Flash Racer
Includes 4 different pairs of Jimmie Allen markings printed on white Easy Built Lite tissue.
TissueCal™ markings. $7.85/set
Kit FF-89 Curtiss P-36 Hawk 75A FF-89 Curtiss P-36 Hawk 75A
TissueCal™ markings. $7.50/set
Kit FF-91 Roscoe Turner's Meteor FF-91 Roscoe Turner's Meteor
TissueCal™markings for 3 different variations - Pesco Special, Ring Free, and Champion.
TissueCal™ markings. $5.46/set
Kit FF92LC Erie Daily Times FF-92LC Erie Daily Times Junior Pilot
TissueCal™ markings. $3.46/set
Kit FF95LC Mystery Tailless FF-95LC Mystery Tailless
This is a different set of markings for your Mystery Tailless representing the Chinese Flying Tigers. TissueCal™ markings. $4.85/set
Kit FF-96 Taylorcraft Auster FF-96 Taylorcraft Auster
TissueCal™ markings. $4.46/set
Kit FF-97LC Korda Victory FF-97LC Korda Victory
TissueCal™ markings. $3.46/set
Kit FF-98LC Gloster Gladiator FF-98LC Gloster Gladiator
TissueCal™ markings. $3.46/set
Kit JX-02 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 JX-02 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
  JX-03 Panther
TissueCal™ markings. $3.46/set
Kit JX05 deHavilland Venom JX-05 de Havilland D.H. 112 Venom
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit JX07 Supermarine Attacker JX-07 Supermarine Attacker
TissueCal™ markings. $3.46/set
Kit JX09 EVG Flying Wing
JX-09 EVG Flying Wing
TissueCal™ markings. $3.46/set
Kit LC-01 Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1X LC-01 Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1X
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit LC02 North American P-51B Mustang
LC-02 North American P-51B Mustang
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
LaserCal markings for kit LC04 Aeronca Champion LC-04 Aeronca Champion
LaserCal™ markings. Precut on red tissue using our laser. $7.85/set
Kit PD01 DeBut PD-01 De'but Embryo
TissueCal™ markings printed on yellow tissue. $3.46/set
Kit PD02 Silver Lancer PD-02 Silver Lancer
TissueCal™ markings printed on silver metallic tissue. $3.46/set
Kit PD-03 Kharkov R-10 PD-03 Kharkov R-10
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit PD04 Heinkel P-1077 PD-04 Heinkel P-1077
TissueCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Water Slide markings. $7.75/set
LaserCal™ markings precut from Easy Built Lite orange tissue using our laser.
Price: $ 4.95
Kit PD06 MiG 3 PD-06 MiG 3
TissueCal™ markings. $5.75/set
markings for kit PD07 Lockheed Orion PD-07 Lockheed Orion

LaserCal™ and TissueCal™ markings for the red and white color scheme. Includes TissueCal™ wing registration numbers and LaserCal™ white stripe and race numbers for fuselage, and rudder scallop precut from tissue using our laser.
LaserCal™/TissueCal™ markings. $7.95/set
Shellightning Tissue Covering Shellightning printed tissue covering for use with kit PD-07 Lockheed Orion.
Includes precut LaserCal™ and printed TissueCal™ markings using yellow and red Esaki tissue.
LaserCal™/TissueCal™ markings. $14.95/set
Kit PD08 Fokker D. VII PD-08 Fokker D. VII
LaserCal™ markings. $4.50/set
Kit PD09 Chambermaid PD-09 Chambermaid

LaserCal™ markings - Includes registration numbers for fuselage precut from black tissue using our laser.
LaserCal™ markings. $6.95/set
Kit PD10 Mr. Smoothie PD-10 Mr. Smoothie

LaserCal™ and TissueCal™ markings. Lasercal™ registration and race markings in metallic gold and black tissue + TissueCal™ for the Mr. Smoothie logo and small tail registration numbers in red tissue.
LaserCal™/TissueCal™ markings. $ 7.95 per set
Half aWake Girl TissueCal marking PD-12 Half aWake

Half aWake Girl TissueCal™ markings. Set of 4 Half aWake Girl markings sized for wing and fuselage.
Price: $ 4.50
Hung-Aereon TissueCal markings PD-14 Hung-Aereon

A selection of markings for the Hung-Aereon.
Price: $ 5.50

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