The Right Glue for the Job

The Right Glue for the Job

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CA Glues for Building your Airplane


Jet INSTANT Cyanoacrylate Glue

The fastest, thinnest cyanoacrylate (CA) glue; sets in 10-20 seconds, viscosity similar to water allows it to wick into porous material to provide extra reinforcement in the substrate material. If you fly your planes we suggest you buy the package of 2. Put 1 bottle on your workbench and take 1 bottle into the field so you can make quick repairs. Each bottle 1/4 oz.

item B296 Price: $3.95 (package of 1)

item B296x Price: $5.93 (package of 2) save 25%


Jet SUPER Cyanoacrylate Glue

Medium viscosity with exceptional strength and gap filling capabilities. Sets in 15-45 seconds. Each bottle 1/4 oz.

item B297 Price: $3.95 (package of 1)

item B297x Price: $5.93 (package of 2) save 25%


Jet SLOW Cyanoacrylate Glue

Thick viscosity provides maximum gap filling and strength for high stress areas and laminations. 1-2 minute set time allows for repositioning. 1/2 oz. bottle.

item B298 Price: $4.95

Glue for Applying Tissue

UHU stic glue

UHU stic glue for applying tissue

Dave's glue of choice for applying tissue paper. Goes on blue, dries clear. .29 oz.

item B22 Price: $1.88 (package of 1)

item B22x Price: $3.00 (package of 2)

item B22z Price: $5.00 (package of 4)

Glue for Applying Canopies & other Vacuum-Molded Plastic Parts

SOBO Canopy Glue

SOBO Canopy Glue

Dave's favorite for applying canopies and other vacuum-molded parts to your model; dries clear and stays flexible. 2 oz. bottle.

item B263 Price: $5.00 (package of 1)

item B263x Price: $8.95 (package of 2)

Make Your Glue Bond Faster

Hot Stuff NCF Hot Accelerator

Hot Stuff NCF Hot Accelerator

NCF Hot is an extremely fast-acting accelerator. It dramatically decreases the curing time of the glue and forces the glue to cure when it wouldn't otherwise. NCF Hot accelerator is active for several minutes, so you can spray several pieces at once if you are making multiple bonds. Not suitable for use with foam. This product cannot be shipped internationally or express. 2 oz. bottle with a plastic spray pump.

item B227 Price: $6.99 (package of 1)

item B227z Price: $10.00 (package of 2)

Extra Spray Pump

SP-100 are Extra spray pumps for either of our accelerator products.

item B226 Price: $1.95 (package of 2)

item B226z Price: $3.00 (package of 4)

Jet SET Accelerant

Jet SET Accelerant

Accelerator for use with CA glues. Position and glue pieces then spray with Jet SET for an instant bond. Non-aerosol pump spray. This product cannot be shipped internationally or express. 2 oz. bottle.

item B299 Price: $7.99

Applicator Tips for More Control


Pro TIPS applicator tips

Pro TIPS slip inside the spout for precise application of CA glues. To install, remove the spout from the bottle and cut down the tip so that the opening is large enough to slip the Pro TIP through from the inside. Feed the Pro TIP through from the inside so that the cone-shaped part fits snugly into the base of the spout and seals it off. A Pro TIP has the same diameter from its base to the tip, so that if it clogs and you have to cut it down, it will still apply the glue just as precisely. Each box comes with 12 Pro TIPS.

item B225 Price: $1.95


Jet TIPS applicator tips

These TIPS are fine bore, clog resistant nozzle extensions for precise CA application. Tips are cut on an angle and release 1 drop at a time. Jet TIPS fit INSTANT, SUPER, or SLOW glues. Box of 6.

item B300 Price: $2.25


Jet PAK applicator tips

The Jet PAK includes 12" of capillary tubing, 5 TIPS, and 1 spare cap which fits all sizes of Jet CA glues.

item B301 Price: $3.99

How to Get Unstuck

Super Solvent Debonder

Super Solvent DEBONDER

Super Solvent is a debonder and cleaner for any CA glue. Super Solvent does not contain acetone. It works faster and is more pleasant to use than acetone-based debonders. This product cannot be shipped internationally or express. 2 oz. bottle.

item B228 Price: $8.06


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