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Once you try using our metal building boards and magnets to build your model you'll never go back to your old building board and pins.
The Magna-Board™ set includes a 12" x 24" sheet of galvanized MADE in USA steel with rounded corners for easy handling and portability. Also included are 20 strong magnets! They have a large surface area to hold parts tight, whereas pins are a mere vertical line of destruction for your balsa wood. Price: $29.95

The Magna-Board XL™ set is a larger version. It's all you'll need to be building and flying planes faster than ever before! Includes a 13.5" x 32" galvanized MADE in USA steel sheet and 30 strong magnets! Price: $39.75

Note: Due to rough handling by the postal service, within the continental United States, the Magna-Board™ set and Magna-Board XL™ are shipped via UPS Ground. Orders for more than 3 boards may be subject to an excess weight charge. A separate invoice must be sent for that charge.

Read the Magna-Board™ review by George White.
The Magna-board™ up close and in action!
The Magna-Board™, the best a builder can buy!

wing jig wing jig
Setting up a wing jig using the MagnaBoard and magnets for proper positioning and alignment of biplane wings.

MagnaBoard jig MagnaBoard jig
"Have been playing with my MagnaBoard. With the purchase of some inexpensive frame brackets I now have a way to accurately jig up box structures." - Bob Bard

Using the MagnaBoard to build your plane
"Dear Dave, I cut the formers off center and used your MagnaBoard to build the fuselage flat and straight. The magnets and board make a great wing jig to keep it straight and easy to add wing tip washout. ... " - Heikki Riivald
Magnets for MagnaBoard™ Extra Magnets
Extra magnets for use with either size Magna-Board™. Set of 20 rectangular 3/16" x 3/4" x 1" magnets per pack.
Magnets, 20 Pack ($8.99)

Minus Magnets" Minus Magnets
When a less powerful magnet is needed for construction with your MagnaBoard™, Minus Magnets have about half the strength of our MagnaBoard™ magnets but have the same surface area to securely hold your parts in position. Set of 20 rectangular 3/16" x 3/4" x 1" Minus Magnets per pack.
Minus Magnets, 20 pack ($8.49)


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