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PowerUP 2.0 Electric Boost
PowerUP 2.0 Electric Boost
Each kit contains: • Power module • Battery pack (you add 3 AA batteries) • Extra propeller • Simple instructions

PowerUP 2.0 is a kit that allows you to mount an electric propeller to a standard paper airplane. PowerUP consists of a lightweight super capacitor attached to a rear propeller via a carbon fiber shaft. Simply clip the module onto the airplane nose with the propeller at the rear, charge it for 15-20 seconds using the separate battery pack and let her rip!
• Convert your airplane into a free flight electric airplane. • 20 second quick charge, over 30 seconds of flight duration. • Super durable and light weight carbon fiber body.

Click here to read about the fun Rich Pignata is having flying after he added the PowerUP to his Flying Wing.

PowerUP 2.0 Kit, Price: $ 20.95

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