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The Staggerwing is an American biplane introduced in 1932. With an atypical negative wing stagger, the lower wing is farther forward than the upper wing.

Laser cut kit PD15 Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing was designed by Rich Weber, whose building and flying skill can only be surpassed by his modesty and generosity to the Flying Aces Club. We have but a single photograph of Rich's Staggerwing as he cradles the newly completed plane. It seems all he does is build, fly, and then watch it go OOS (Out of Sight). There are pictures of blue sky and Rich's confirmation that it is his plane going OOS, but that's all.

This Laser Cut Free Flight Rubber Powered Flying Model includes a CAD drawn full-size rolled plan, building and flying instructions, hand sorted competition weight laser cut balsa parts, balsa sheet wood and strip wood, E-B propeller, EBM thrust bearing, FAI rubber motor, and Easy Built Lite yellow tissue with black LaserCal™ markings. You will need a hobby knife, fine sandpaper, building board, and glue.
PD-15 Staggerwing (LASER CUT)
Wingspan: 16"

Class: Scale flyer
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Experienced / Easy
Price: $ 26.95

Extra LaserCal™ markings made with Easy Built Lite black tissue precut using our laser. Price: $ 4.95

Rich Weber holding his Staggerwing
Rich Weber briefly cradles his Staggerwing design before launching it into the sky where is proceeds to go OOS.

Jim DeTar's build of Rich Weber's Staggerwing design
Jim DeTar's scratch build of Rich Weber's Staggerwing design.

Dave Mitchell's build of Rich Weber's Staggerwing design
Dave Mitchell's almost finished scratch build of Rich Weber's Staggerwing design.

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Kit PD-15 Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing by Rich Weber
Here's what you get in the kit!

Balsa Model Airplane Kit, Balsa flies better.

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