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Model based on Bill Barnes' stories by George L. Easton found in the Air Trails magazines of the 1930's and 1940's. Eligible for Flying Aces Club Fiction Fighter contest (2004 contest sponsored by Easy Built Models). Includes 8 vacuum-formed parts. Click here for a 1936 Air Trails magazine cover showing the prototype of the Silver Lancer. Use it as documentation for your model.

This kit is one of a new class of kits we call Pro Design. These kits are for the serious competitor who wants to build a winning plane without the hassle of working from scratch.
This free flight rubber powered model airplane kit includes a full-size rolled CAD drawn plan, building and flying instructions, hand sorted competition weight laser cut balsa parts and balsa strip wood, FAI rubber, vacuum-formed canopy, wheel pods, valve covers and scoops, Peck propeller, EBM thrust bearing, and Easy Built Lite silver tissue, and TissueCal™ markings. You will need a hobby knife, fine sandpaper, building board, and glue.
PD-02 Silver Lancer (LASER CUT)
Wingspan: 22"

Class: Sport flyer
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Experienced / Easy
Price: $31.95

Extra vacuum-molded canopy, wheel pods, valve covers and scoops. Price: $7.25

Kit PD02 Silver Lancer Extra TissueCal™ markings. TissueCal™ markings are printed directly on silver metallic tissue. Price: $3.46

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PD-02 Silver Lancer (Laser Cut) PD-02 Silver Lancer (Laser Cut)
PD-02 Silver Lancer (Laser Cut)

PD-02 Silver Lancer (Laser Cut) PD-02 Silver Lancer (Laser Cut)
"Achtung! Vee haft captured the Barnes luftplane..."

PD-02 Silver Lancer (Laser Cut)
Bud Overn, former officer of the Bill Barnes Air Adventurer Club sent us a copy of the 1936 Air Trails magazine cover showing the prototype of the Silver Lancer along with a description of the plane.

Dear Sir:
The 1936 Bill Barnes Silver Lancer originally had the following color scheme, as portrayed in the July, 1936 Air Trails cover.
All silver with:
Red air scoops; red crescent tips on wings
Stabilizer and rudder, red spinner
Red on the bottom of main and auxiliary floats and water rudder
Red BB-1 on sides of aft fuselage

The cover image shown is the prototype. Later model had longer engine covers, and the main float extended all the way forward on the fuselage. After so much damage from air combat, Martin, Bill's head mechanic, simplified the color scheme to:
All silver with red spinner, red air scoops, red on the bottom of the floats, and red BB-1.
The red tip crescents and red float rudder were abandoned. As much as Bill would have liked the military to buy his designs, they found them too advanced and complicated. The Lancer never had any military insignia; especially German. The Lancer was destroyed in 1938 by a thermal bomb device.
Overn' Out
Bud Overn

Balsa Model Airplane Kit, Balsa flies better.

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