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Kit JX-07 Supermarine Attacker is a 1/25 built-up scale, flying model jet. Includes a vacuum-molded canopy.
The Attacker was a single-seat fighter derived from the Supermarine Spiteful. It combined the wings and landing gear of the Spiteful with a new fuselage and tail unit. The first production aircraft, an F1, flew in April 1950 and became the first jet aircraft to enter FAA front line service in August 1951.

This kit includes a full-size rolled plan, building instructions, hand sorted and weighed printed balsa and balsa strip wood, vacuum-formed canopy, wire, TissueCal™ markings, and Easy Built Lite tissue in dark gray and white. You will need a hobby knife, fine sandpaper, building board, glue, and catapult rubber.

JX-07 Supermarine Attacker
Wingspan: 17.5"

Class: Scale flyer, 1: 25 scale
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy / Easy
Price: $17.95

Extra vacuum-molded canopy. Price: $3.26

TissueCal for kit JX07 TissueCal™ markings for this kit. Price: $3.46

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JX-07 Supermarine Attacker JX-07 Supermarine Attacker
JX-07 Supermarine Attacker
"This was built purely for rubber power. 21.8 grams" - Chris Starleaf

JX-07 Supermarine Attacker JX-07 Supermarine Attacker
JX-07 Supermarine Attacker JX-07 Supermarine Attacker
JX-07 Supermarine Attacker

JX-07 Supermarine Attacker
"Here's your Supermarine Attacker, converted to rubber. The nose is clay, for glide-testing. The stab tabs are necessary because the stab incidence is positive about 1 degree in relation to the wing. I'll mount the stab differently next iteration to allow for adjustment. Based on glide tests, I'm sure it will fly." - Matthew Payne
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