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Kit JX-04 Supermarine Swift is a 1/27 built up scale model jet. Includes a vacuum-molded canopy.
The Swift was a swept-winged, single seat jet fighter. It was rushed into production at a time of great tension between the Communist powers and the Western allies. It was produced for the RAF under the 'Super Priority Programme' in November 1950. During development of the Swift fighter the F.4 prototype WK198 set a number of records. On July 5 1953 it set point to point records for London-Paris of 669.3 mph and 664.3 mph. On September 25, 1953 at Tripoli in Libya it set a world air speed record of 737.3 mph. The Swift thus became the last British production aircraft to hold this record.

This kit includes
a full-size rolled plan, building instructions, hand sorted and weighed printed balsa and balsa strip wood, vacuum-formed canopy, wire, TissueCal™ markings, and Easy Built Lite tissue in light grey, dark grey, and evergreen. You will need a hobby knife, fine sandpaper, building board, glue, and catapult rubber.

JX-04 Supermarine Swift
Wingspan: 14.5"

Class: Scale flyer, 1:27 scale
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy / Easy
Price: $17.95

JX04 Swift canopy Extra vacuum-molded canopy. Price: $3.26

Extra TissueCal™ markings for the Swift. Price: $ 3.46

Click here to read about the fun Rich Pignata is having flying after he added the PowerUP to his Flying Wing.

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JX-04 Supermarine Swift JX-04 Supermarine Swift

JX-04 Supermarine Swift

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