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The Indoor/Outdoor L'Enfant is a simple stick model with a built-up wing. Highly recommended for a first airplane to build with a beginner or group.
This free flight rubber powered kit contains a full-size rolled plan, building and flying instructions, hand-picked balsa stripwood, rubber motor, E-B propeller, EBM thrust bearing, and Easy Built Lite tissue in a variety of bright colors. You will need a building board, hobby knife, fine sandpaper, and glue.

FF84 Indoor/Outdoor L'Enfant
Wingspan: 13"

Class: Sport flyer
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy / Easy
Price: $10.95

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FF-84 Indoor/Outdoor L'Enfant

FF-84 Indoor/Outdoor L'Enfant
"We already finished the first model. And it flew prety good, it was alot of fun. - David Gross and son, Israel

Watch the step by step build of the L'Enfant in this 3 part video series by Zachary Crawford.

FF-84 Indoor/Outdoor L'Enfant

FF-84 Indoor/Outdoor L'Enfant FF-84 Indoor/Outdoor L'Enfant

Sometimes all it takes to get kids started building an airplane are some cool decorations for their plane. Ask us to include some of our "seconds" free markings when buying a kit to build with a child.

Balsa Model Airplane Kit, Balsa flies better.

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