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The story of the Rearwin Cloudster goes back to 1938. The Rearwin Sportster, a two place tandem seated aeroplane, had been successfully sold and the company wanted to capitalize on its success. Rae Rearwin was reluctant to produce a two-place side-by-side aeroplane as he felt the disadvantages of extra drag outweighed the sociability of the side-by-side design. Ken Rearwin convinced him that the fashion was moving away from tandem-seated aeroplanes and Rae agreed with the new design. The first Cloudster was finished in time for the 1939 Cleveland Air Races and was flown there by Ken Rearwin.

Kit CA-01 Rearwin Cloudster Instrument Trainer is a 1:25 scale, flying model. It was designed by Flying Aces Club co-founder, Dave Stott and is eligible for Flying Aces Club Dime Scale events.
This free flight rubber powered model airplane kit includes a full-size rolled plan, building and flying instructions, hand-picked competition weight printed balsa and balsa strip wood, clear plastic for the windshield, rubber motor, E-B propeller, EBM thrust bearing, wheels, wire, and black and yellow Easy Built Lite tissue. You will need a hobby knife, fine sandpaper, building board, and glue.
CA-01 Rearwin Cloudster
Wingspan: 16"

Class: Scale flying model
Building Skill / Flying Skill: Easy / Easy
Price: $17.95

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CA-01 Rearwin Instrument Trainer CA-01 Rearwin Instrument Trainer

CA-01 Rearwin Instrument Trainer CA-01 Rearwin Instrument Trainer
"The Rearwin Trainer is giving me 40 second flights, which I will improve on." - Jim Antoine
CA-01 Rearwin Instrument Trainer

CA-01 Rearwin Instrument Trainer CA-01 Rearwin Instrument Trainer

Balsa Model Airplane Kit, Balsa flies better.

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