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Rubber Powered Model Airplanes, the book
This comprehensive book covers rubber powered model airplanes from the simplest beginner's trainer through gradually more complex designs including winning scale and duration fliers. Even if you have never built a model before, the simple line drawings and detailed photos will teach you the techniques that will result in light, sturdy model airplanes that will surprise and delight you with their sustained flights.
Some important topics covered include:
  • Plans for 2 all sheet balsa models that can be built in hours and are capable of flights exceeding one minute indoors or out.

  • Plans for stick and tissue models that introduce the builder to more complex projects.

  • Many techniques that simplify construction, add strength and reduce weight.

  • Propeller construction and design simplified so every novice can build and even design contest winning props.

  • The secrets of flight trimming as the experts do it.

  • Scores of new ideas on how to add terrific scale details.

  • The ABC's of how to design your own models including Canards, Biplanes and Flying Wings.

It's all here. Learn how to work with the newest materials and adhesives and how to choose the right ones for every type of model. This book shows you the difference between kits and "scratch building" and how to modify any kit for better endurance and appearance.
Don Ross, the author, has been building models since 1942. His designs have appeared in magazines and his "Fledgling" classes have added scores of young and "retread" modelers to the active scene. Don specializes in "synthesizing" difficult technical information into simple, straightforward "how to" basics that make experts out of rank beginners.
Rubber Powered Model Airplanes takes the mystery out of building successful free flight models. Whether you're thinking of building a kit, or considering an original design; whether you build for fun or competition, this book's for you.

Rubber Powered Model Airplanes, Price: $14.95

Want to understand how to make your model airplane fly better? These books explain more about the theory of flight and how the aircraft components affect flight.


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